Like most single women, I loved hanging out with my friends. Most of my female friends were married, had kids or both. As a single woman I had more time and at times more funds than my friends. I would ask my friends if they wanted to go out to eat or to the movies and if money was an issue, I would always pay. It was nothing for me to do because I enjoyed the company. This almost always became an issue because these friends would eventually become jealous of my single life. Interesting huh…I desired to be married and they seem to hate I guess what they felt singleness offered me. I’m not saying they wanted to be single but they couldn’t seem to get over the fact that I lived a fairly decent life for a woman with one income and no man. God allowed me to accomplish quite a bit during my singleness but it was a constant battle. I would take two steps forward and it seems life would push me back 10 steps and these friends proved to be more of hindrances than a help. God allow me to get stung in this area a few times before I eventually let go of the need to have someone present. If you don’t feel the sting, you won’t know the urgency. Let’s just say I got tired of being stung. While I had received a number of prophecies that God was only going to send a friend here or there, it was hard to not be all in with my friends. I thought I could share my life, concerns, fears and joys with these people but it came back to haunt me. See, again there was area that God needed to work on in me. I was lonely and I used friends as a way to fill the void that only God can fill. Much like a woman who is lonely and desperate for a man; she is more inclined to get in bad relationships with men and accept toxic behavior simply not to be alone. I didn’t realize I was doing this with women who I thought were my friends until all hell broke loose. I saw all the red flags and heard God tell me they can’t go where he was taking me, but I held on just so I can have someone to talk to and hang out with from time to time. But after that final sting from a new set of female friends, I truly began to enjoy my own company. I learned God did not want all these people having access to my life. He called me out from among them. It doesn’t mean these folks were beneath me by any means but simply not equipped for my journey as they had their own, which was better suited for them to tread.
God will properly positioned you with a sisterhood that can journey with you. I implore you to seek God in everything and allow him to make the proper connections and those connections will help push you in your GOD given destiny.