I remember being totally frustrated with God for the giftings he’s given me. I didn’t ask for it and felt, at times, is wasn’t worth the pain I’ve had to endure. One morning I was venting to God about it. I heard God say very clearly get excited about being my servant. I still wasn’t feeling it, but I know the importance of leaning not to my own understanding and yielding to the authority of God.

God woke me up this morning around 1 am to email a colleague about a dream God gave me concerning her. She responded around 4 am. Her response to me is a reminder why he gives gifting and the importance of obedience. I didn’t know if she would receive or not, but I had to be obedient. I don’t typically share these types of things, but I had to chuckle to myself. This is why I have to be excited about being his servant. To God be the glory!! It was a response to her prayers.