For as long as I can remember I had to deal with jealous women. My defense was pride and arrogance.
God doesn’t want you arrogant, but he does want you to be clear about who you are in Him.
I remember being in my early 20s right out of the military, I started working for a Fortune 500 company.  There were times I’d walked through the office and would get mean glares from other women. A friend at that time, said you are so hated. She said “these itches (clean version) are staring a hole in your back”.  She said “I must admit, when you step in the room, it makes b’s (clean version) want to step their game up”.
I was slightly arrogant back then. I would simply laugh in the face of women who were jealous of me. I was never scared so if you stepped to me I was ready to fight.
Much like the military, God takes you through a training. He strips you of everything that you know and rebuilds you in the way you should think, talk and walk. In this training place, there is much uncertainty because you don’t know who you are anymore. You’re in the middle place. I found myself in the middle place. The attacks were my training ground and God was teaching me how to fight differently. He was teaching me how to fight with grace, power and humility. He no longer wanted me to fight with arrogance and pride, in my own strength. Don’t get it twisted,  I wanted to cuss and bust some heads. This time, God said no, he will curse and bust the heads of my enemies who are contending with whom he has chosen. At times, I wanted people to know I haven’t gone soft, but God said no, you must walk in humility. It was hard and very humbling. I had to surrender my fight. So, that I can become and walk in all he had destined for me.